A.M. Nomes Nationwide Graduate Film Studies Research

J Rand axis
Thu Jun 1 10:35:10 EDT 2000

Yes, 3 days notice is a bit short - even supposing one could afford the trip!

As you pointed out there are quite a few students outside of Japan who are interested in Japanese cinema - myself being one of them.  I am currently writing a dissertation for my Masters Degree and I have chosen to focus on Ozu because there is at least material available over here in England - albeit difficult to access at times.  I am hoping eventually to look at a much wider spectrum of Japanese cinema and it would be interesting to compare the reception in Japan as well as in England (or whatever country you are working in).  It would be great if there were a resource that could make reviews/opinions/films available for students on a worldwide basis through the web.  

Many students do not have the resources to travel to get to primary sources and certainly my own experience is that I feel unqualified to comment on much of the material as only a very narrow section is available in this country.  Undertaking academic study is a way to focus yourself in order to gain some experience in your field of interest but I also feel that my knowledge is very inadequate and the time available to really do as much research as I would like.

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