A.M. Nornes amnornes
Fri Jun 2 23:15:28 EDT 2000

At 4:44 PM +0000 6/2/00, Andrew Utterson wrote:
> hello,
> i'm also keen to try and get involved with some subtitling...
> however, the method i'd devised might be slightly hoof-footed? i have access
> to avid editing equipment and was planning simply to digitise the original
> footage, add subtitles, and then master the material back on to tape.

This is worth a try, but may be viable for only shorts or clips since the
subtitles have to be rendered onto every frame. You'd have to have some time
and a fast computer. I think Eric Cazdyn has been doing a bit of this. Any
comments Eric?

We'll have to exchange experiences as we do this.


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