Michael Raine mraine
Sat Jun 3 01:14:30 EDT 2000

> 4: digitizing a VHS tape, adding subtitles, then recording back to VHS
> degrades the image  quality.

True. However, the use of a genlock card gets you around this since it just
adds the subtitles to the video feed that runs from your source deck to your
target deck.
This only partly avoids the problem -- the quality is better than I could
get from analogue-digital-analogue conversion but the subtitled tape is
still second generation. If the subtitles are superimposed during playback
at least the quality of the source image is preserved. Since most Japanese
studios aren't interested in releasing DVDs with subtitles (some of the
independents have) then the best quality could be achieved by ripping the
unsubtitled DVD to a computer, creating subtitle bitmaps, and then
reauthoring the DVD with a subtitle stream. That process is the subject of a
court case right now so I'm not sure that it's a good idea... I'd be happy
to watch anything you make though!


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