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Stephen Cremin asianfilmlibrary
Sun Jun 4 19:57:30 EDT 2000

I'm still working on this weekend's edition.  With the introduction of
Taiwan and Singapore releases to the weekly mix, it takes a little longer to
put out.  The biweekly TAIPEI WALKER isn't as reliable as its Japanese
equivalents, so one has to pick up a Taiwanese Chinese-language daily late
on Friday only to be shocked by the number of new releases every week: for
example, Miike's AUDITION last week out of nowhere.

But the intention is to get it to people around the world sometime by the
end of Monday morning when people return to work.  Anyway, its a lot of work
and I don't like to get myself too stressed out by the old Friday deadline,
especially since at the moment I'm writing it primarily on a Palm computer.
Thank *god* for the new folding keyboard!

There's still around 70 people on the Kinejapan list who don't subscribe.
It's been over three months since I gave it a plug on Kinejapan so I hope
nobody minds.  Here goes:

Primarily aimed at the Asian film industry, the Asian Film Library Bulletin
is a weekly email newsletter which gives a weekly update on box office, new
releases and festivals in the region ... focusing primarily on the cities of
Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo.  It goes out to (approaching)
2500 people, the majority of whom work professionally in the business: sales
agents, distributors, festivals, journalists, etc.

If anybody on the Kinejapan mailing list wishes to subscribe, they can email
me at the usual address or: aflbulletin at  At the moment it's a free
service and looks like remaining that way.  And please, do give feedback
because I know it's far from perfect.  And if you spot any errors, do tell
me.  I'm always happy to print corrections.

I'll double-check that it's still going to your <mbubble at>
address, Igacio.

Stephen Cremin
The Asian Film Library

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> Anybody know what happend with Asian Film Library Bulleting?
> Ignacio Piedrabuena.

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