Soundtracks amnornes
Thu Jun 22 22:12:43 EDT 2000

--On Fri, Jun 23, 2000 1:44 AM +0200 Paolo Bozzola
<p.bozzola at> wrote:

> I'm mostly concerned with the interaction between music
> composition and filmcut, rather than with music alone.
> Indeed, the Japanese animation, differently from the American one,
> synchronises the music at an extra-diegetic level, without direct
> reference to the movement on the screen, but creating a deeper
> relationship through rhythm, sub rhythm and narrative atmosphere.

I guess I don't understand this. Are you suggesting that most American
scores for animation are all Mickey Mousing (a technical term, believe it
or not), while Japanese animation music doesn't? How would this be
"typically" Japanese? It sounds more like typical Hollywood style film
scoring to me. 

Also, "synchronizing at an extra-diegetic level" sounds like a


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