Paolo Bozzola p.bozzola
Thu Jun 22 19:44:55 EDT 2000

Hallo everybody
First of all thank you very much for the attention you payed to my request.
All of your hints and suggestion have been very useful.

About Markus request: there's not only one reason for my choice.
First of all; I'm mostly concerned with the interaction between music
composition and filmcut, rather than with music alone.

Indeed, the Japanese animation, differently from the American one,
synchronises the music at an extra-diegetic level, without direct reference
to the movement on the screen, but creating a deeper relationship through
rhythm, sub rhythm and narrative atmosphere.

This is a sophisticated effect, to be optained both composing original
music dedicated to the movie and controlling frame by frame the movement
creation; such a thing you cannot do in a live action film.

This kind of interaction, yet typically Japanese, reminds incredibly the
Wagner concept of "Total Art"; as a musician, I find this aspect extremely
stimulating nevertheless I won't exclude from my study the analysis of live
action movies soundtracks: indeed anime soundtracks develop in the same
cultural and social context.

Anyway, as I have to delimitate my research subject, I chose to concentrate
on animation movie background music, going as deep as I can throughout my

I hope what I've written answers to your question; I'll be glad to keep on
discussing about this topic.

Best regards
                              Paolo Bozzola.

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