Eiko Matsuda

Roland Domenig roland.domenig
Tue Jun 27 06:02:09 EDT 2000

In Donald Richie's "Public People, Private People. Portraits of Some
Japanese" (Kodansha, 1996) there is a (very brief) chapter on Matsuda Eiko.
The book was previously published under the titles "Different People" (1987)
and "Geisha, Gangster, Neighbor, Nun" (1991)

Roland Domenig
Institute for Japanese Studies
Vienna University

Thank you for your mail. Jonathan Crow at joncro at allmovie.com wrote on
6/26/00 15:55:

> Does anyone know where one could find biographical info on Eiko Matsuda?
> All the web sites I've come across are either hawking videos of "In the
> Realm of the Senses" or are X-rated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jon

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