R: Soundtracks

Paolo Bozzola p.bozzola
Wed Jun 28 08:41:49 EDT 2000

> I guess I don't understand this. Are you suggesting that most American
> scores for animation are all Mickey Mousing (a technical term, believe it
> or not), while Japanese animation music doesn't? How would this be
> "typically" Japanese? It sounds more like typical Hollywood style film
> scoring to me. 
> Also, "synchronizing at an extra-diegetic level" sounds like a
> contradiction...
> Markus


After receiving your mail I read again mine and I understand your
objections: in fact I wasn't able to explain what I wanted to - not in
english, at least. 
Indeed the misunderstanding depends on my little knowledge of the language
and it wouldn't be better if I tryed to explain it again, I'm sorry. 
In any case be sure I didn't want to criticize american animation - first
all because I'm not an expert in this field.
Thank you for your help and your attention

Paolo Bozzola

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