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phil gibbon phil at
Tue Mar 7 02:31:05 EST 2000

hi all,
Apologies to the list for continuing a very localized topic, but Moira, you
didn't mention the Japan Foundation library, on Bloor just east of Avenue.
Im sure you know it already, but just in case, they have oodles of films,
most on LD but viewable at the machines there - LDs are not usually
subtitled, though...
Cinematique Ontario also has a few available for viewing.

Phil Gibbon

Moira Fogarty wrote:

> Hi there,
> It's two thirty or so in the morning, and I just got your shopping email
> through KineJapan. I happen to live just north of Spadina circle,
> advantageously close to Toronto's Chinatown, and thought I'd ask where a
> curious Japanese cinema student at U of T might find the films you wrote
> about?
> Also, on the off-chance, have you seen any DVD or VCD copies of "Suzaku"
> or any other films by Kawase-Sento Naomi in your travels? I don't care
> if they're subtitled, or even if they're on VHS. And I'm not such a
> naive optimist as to think you might have discovered anything by any
> other Japanese women directors, but on the off-chance you might have,
> I'd really be grateful if you could let me know. I'm willing to accept
> even the cheesiest of woman-made horror and sci-fi flicks like Organ by
> Fujiwara Kei, or Winds of God by Narahashi Yoko or the two Wizard of
> Darkness movies by Sato Shimako, all made around 1995.
> Thanks for listening to my plea for help, and thanks for bringing to my
> attention the fact that I can actually get Japanese videos somewhere
> other than Revue or Suspect.
> Best,
> Moira Fogarty
> University College, University of Toronto

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