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Roger Fischer roger.fischer
Tue Mar 7 11:58:46 EST 2000

Dear Moira,
I saw your email right now. As you are speaking about Kawase-Sento Naomi*, I
wanted to ask you if you know internet sources about her oeuvre that you can
recommend. I don't master the japanese language (or just a tiny bit),
instead I read french, german and english. All sources in these languages
are wellcome.
Thank you for any hints.
Best regards

*The documentary film festival in Nyon will show her films:

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> Hi there,
> It's two thirty or so in the morning, and I just got your shopping email
> through KineJapan. I happen to live just north of Spadina circle,
> advantageously close to Toronto's Chinatown, and thought I'd ask where a
> curious Japanese cinema student at U of T might find the films you wrote
> about?
> Also, on the off-chance, have you seen any DVD or VCD copies of "Suzaku"
> or any other films by Kawase-Sento Naomi in your travels? I don't care
> if they're subtitled, or even if they're on VHS. And I'm not such a
> naive optimist as to think you might have discovered anything by any
> other Japanese women directors, but on the off-chance you might have,
> I'd really be grateful if you could let me know. I'm willing to accept
> even the cheesiest of woman-made horror and sci-fi flicks like Organ by
> Fujiwara Kei, or Winds of God by Narahashi Yoko or the two Wizard of
> Darkness movies by Sato Shimako, all made around 1995.
> Thanks for listening to my plea for help, and thanks for bringing to my
> attention the fact that I can actually get Japanese videos somewhere
> other than Revue or Suspect.
> Best,
> Moira Fogarty
> University College, University of Toronto

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