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Stephen Cremin asianfilmlibrary
Tue Mar 7 03:25:45 EST 2000

Thanks Colin.

Just to stress that the ONLY English-subtitled VCD of LOVE LETTER to my 
knowledge is the Warner Bros Singaporean release.  Unfortunately, its not 
scope ... but its the best you're going to get.  There are two different 
Singaporean LOVE LETTER releases, and only the Warner Bros release (in the 
normal jewel case) has the subtitles, as marked on the cover in English.  
Other releases in that series include Chris Doyle's AWAY WITH WORDS and 
Nakata Hideo's RING, which I again presume are the only versions available 
with subtitles.

Sento Naomi's SUZAKU is also available on VCD in Hong Kong ... but perhaps a 
little harder to find in your local Chinatown.  And WINDS OF GOD.  But I 
can't offhand think of any other female Japanese directors on VCD...

Stephen Cremin
The Asian Film Library
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