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Rajesh Balkrishnan rbalkris
Tue Mar 7 15:43:57 EST 2000

Hi! I am Raj and need I tell all of you how much I love Japanese cinema.
Particularly, in ranked order, the works of Ozu, Kurosawa, and
Mizoguchi. I have discovered several other directors also including
Imamura, Kitano, Suzuki, Oshima, etc. etc.
I came across Kine Japan as I was trying to find sources to get hold of
Ozu's "Early Autumn" or "Late Autumn" on tape. I have purchased almost
all his films (I was born but, Late Spring, Tokyo Story (the best film
ever made anywhere!), Early Summer, Floating Weeds, Ohayo, Autumn
Afternoon). Anybody have any idea where I could get these two? Any help
would be greatly appreciated.
I recently watched Kurosawa's "Idiot" which I loved (Ran is still my
favorite), and also a rare European version of "The Eel". I loved
Kitano's "Hana-Bi", and also liked getting to know the films of Itami.
I would love to stay in touch with all of you, and help contribute in
any way I could. I recently got a copy of Ozu and the Poetics of Cinema
and I think it is a great read.
Thank you Japan, for giving us all movie lovers, the sacred work of Ozu.

Best Wishes,
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