Women directors

Asako Asakof
Wed Mar 8 10:42:13 EST 2000

RE: Women directors

I was at Theatre Shinjuku tonight to watch Kurosawa Kiyoshi's Charisma
on the their Every Wednesday 1000 yen Day bill, and picked up a flyer
for the following all night event. March 18 features a woman director
from the tv commercial field, Matsuura Masako. I don't know anything
about her, but those of you interested might check out her "talk show."
Her film is "Hitodenashi no Koi." 

Matsuura Masako 
Directed many "catchy" tv commercials including those for JAL (with
Truruta Mayu and Kimura Yoshino) and NTT (with SMAP). She's also
directed the film "Deborah ga Rival" (97) starring Yoshikawa Hinano. 

Details at www.enbu.co.jp/pic/ 

Picked Up Night 2 Days 
Eizo Creation from c
23:20 start all night

3/11 from Clip 
Films by creators of music clips 

 Trailers of 12 films 
 Talk Show (Nakano Hiroyuki) 
  Samurai Fiction
  Wild Zero 

3/18 from CM
Films by creators of CM

 Trailers of 12 films 
 Talk Show (Matsuura Masako)
  Hitodenashi no Koi 
  Beautiful Sunday 
  Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl 


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