Japanese shorts (Q)

Almir Almas alalmas
Mon Mar 20 22:51:32 EST 2000

Fujioka san, 

If it be possible, I would to have a copy of the booklet/catalogue of
documentary films and videos you compiled.

Almir Almas

alalmas at uol.com.br

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De: Fujioka Asako <Asakof at tkd.att.ne.jp>
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Data: Domingo, 19 de Mar? de 2000 12:31
Assunto: RE: Japanese shorts (Q)

>This is in response to David Lewis's inquiry about Japanese shorts. 
>I don't whether you include documentaries or mock docs in your festival,
>but I have recently compiled a handmade booklet/catalogue in English of
>new (mostly 1998-2000) films and videos under this genre. It contains
>the main information and a short synopsis, brief profile of the director
>for each work, and all the contact information. 
>Let me know if you'd like a copy. It was compiled for the use of
>festival organizers and potential distributors overseas. Recent years
>have seen a lot of "non-genre" works (as they call them in the TV
>industry over here) especially in video coming out from the younger
>generation filmmakers and they are no longer your wholesome educational
>bunka eiga, even if they may be shot using documentary methods. 
>Incidentally, I work with the Yamagata International Documentary Film
>Festival coordinating the New Asian Currents program and New Cinema from
>Japan, an independent initiative to promote Japanese films overseas.
>This catalogue comes out of the overlapping of my two interests. 
>Fujioka Asako 
>Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 
>Tokyo Office 
>Kitagawa Bldg 4Fl, 6-42, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, 
>Tokyo 162-0825 Japan
>Phone 03-3266-9704
>Fax 03-3266-9700

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