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Deadline: September 1, 2000

A special issue of Visual Anthropology, guest edited by Jeffrey Ruoff

"Travelogues and Travel Films"

The cinema remains a machine for constructing relations of space and time;
the exploration of the social world through images and sounds of travel 
always been one of its principal functions.  For generations, audiences in
the U.S. and abroad have learned about other cultures through travelogues.
The genre flourished during the first years of cinema and continues to 
day.  Although the travelogue is a staple of motion pictures, its 
is not reflected in the literature of film studies or visual anthropology.

This special issue of Visual Anthropology will strive to address a wide
variety of travelogue forms from the past 100 years: amateur movies, live
lecture presentations, documentaries, ethnographic films, IMAX 
and popular movies. "Travelogues and Travel Films" will explore the role 
travel imagery in the narrative economy of the cinema while simultaneously
considering how travel films construct cultural realities.

I look forward to submissions that trace connections between travelogues,
leisure, and tourism, that highlight the intersection of technology and
ideology in cinematic representations of cultural difference, and that
consider little-studied examples of the genre.  While travel writing has
lately come under intense scrutiny, very little has been written about the
travelogue film experience.  "Travelogues and Travel Films" seeks to 
the current agenda of visual studies to bring into analytical view a body 
films overlooked by visual anthropologists and film scholars.

For more information about Visual Anthropology, including instructions for
authors, see the journal online at  (Please do
not send materials directly to the Editor-in-Chief of Visual 
Essays should be approximately 25 pages in length and must include a
100-word abstract and a three-sentence biography of the author(s).

Submit completed materials to:

> Jeffrey Ruoff, Guest Editor
> Visual Anthropology
> Film/Video, Wright Theater
> Middlebury College
> Middlebury, VT 05753, USA
> E-mail: Jruoff at

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