Kyoto/Osaka/Tokyo cinema travel tips

Aaron Gerow gerow
Tue Mar 21 22:26:46 EST 2000

>I will be finally going to the far east for a trip to Japan and Hong Kong
>and wondered if anyone had any tips on places, sights or shops to check
>out. From March 29th to April 9th I'll mainly be in the Kansai region, but
>will also be in Tokyo for a few days. My interests are rooted in Japanese
>genre cinema (chambara, sci-fi, yakuza) so of course I will go to the Toei
>Cinema Village. Are there other interesting reccomendations? Any help would
>be appreciated.

Maybe it's a bit late, but I always recommend people to go visit Okochi 
Denjiro's home in Arashiyama in Kyoto.  It's called "Okochi Sanso" and is 
a nice house and garden with a beautiful view of Kyoto.  It's been 
several years since I've went, but there is a small museum dedicated to 
the great star of chanbara films, but I do think it's insufficient.  The 
price of admission is a bit much, but tea and cakes are included.  

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