philippe pchristi
Wed Mar 22 16:09:02 EST 2000

Sorry for my english.
Dora Heita was shown summer 1999 in Kyoto film festival, and in february
2000 in Yubari film festival.
It will be opened the 13th May in Japan...
But for critical response, I don't know...
When I saw it in Yubari, I was really pleased, and I think the movie is
great. It's like a kind of Yojimbo in terms of sense of humour and
 But japanese audience of the festival didn't know how to think and how to
dealabout the movie...

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|Has Kon Ichikawa's Dora-Heita played in the Berlin FF last month.  Has it
|opened in Japan yet?  What sort of critical response has it gotten.
|Thanks in advance,

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