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The UK video of The Bedroom is, I believe, quite heavily cut.
I haven't seen Dream of Garuda, as it looked like it was pretty tacky but if
anyone has any comments on Tandem I'd appreciate hearing them. And don't
forget the great work being put in by Pagan video at the moment


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> Some years ago, the British label Visionary Video released 3 subtiteled
> pink eiga (in PAL), that were shown at the 1995 Rotterdam Film Festival
> and several other filmfestivals.
> Zeze Takahisa's "Dream of Garuda" (Karura no yume/Monzetsu higi, 1994)
> Sato Hisayasu's "The Bedroom" (Shisenjo no aria/Uwakizuma Chijojuzeme,
> 1992)
> Sato Toshiki's "Tandem" (Tandemu/Chikan densha hitozuma-hen Okusama wa
> chijo, 1994)

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