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<< Could any member give me an info about Stella Dallas (1925)? Which film

center has the film? I could at most appreciate getting the outline of the

narrative. I only saw 1937 version of it and need to figure out the imapct

of the original.

Minaguchi, Teikyo U. >>

This was a Samuel Goldwyn Jr. release (from his daddy's collection) so MGM/UA 
has the theatrical rights now and Swank Pictures has the nontheatrical. This 
might be a better question for alt.movies.silent newsgroup.

You can find information about joining this newsgroup as well as other 
information on researching and finding silent films at this website:

<A HREF=""></A>

The members of this newsgroup are for the friendly and helpful and include 
some of the most knowledgeable film historians in the country. They might 
even have the video to trade you. I hope this helps you in your search!

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