Ishii Sogo, Kurosawa Kiyoshi request

Don Brown the8thsamurai at
Tue Nov 14 02:26:34 EST 2000

Blimey, that was strange.  I thought the list had been pretty dead for a few 
months, then I find out that my list delivery had been set on "postpone" the 
whole time.  Weird.  Hope I haven't missed anything good.
At the risk of sounding more like a taker than a giver (I believe the 
Napster community calls them "leeches"), I have a request which I hope some 
of you can help me with.  I'm currently researching Ishii Sogo and Kurosawa 
Kiyoshi, and would appreciate any information that anyone could send me.  
What I am specifically looking for are magazine articles, periodicals, books 
etc., in English or Japanese, that focus on Sogo and Kurosawa themselves and 
their careers.  At this stage, reviews of their work aren't necessary, 
although any critiques that explore the themes that run through their films 
would be appreciated.  If you have any of this material in print or 
electronic form, I would be happy to pay for a photocopy, or if possible you 
could mail it directly to my email address:
the8thsamurai at
Yoroshiku ne.
A side note: I find it hard to understand why Japanese distributors are 
issuing DVDs of internationally known Japanese films ("Tetsuo: The Iron 
Man", "Chinpira" etc.) with little more than the obligatory trailer 
selection, and little other supplementary material let alone subtitles (the 
paradox: why does the "GTO" DVD have English subtitles, and yet "Sonatine" 
doesn't???).  Plus they cost an arm and a leg, rarely costing less that 5000 
yen after tax.  I'd appreciate it if these companies would cease regarding 
the medium as a cash cow or a more durable alternative to VHS.
Disgruntled of Osaka,
Don Brown
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