Viennale 2000

A.M. Nornes amnornes
Wed Nov 1 00:49:46 EST 2000

At 3:38 PM -0500 10/29/00, Joanne Izbicki wrote:

> Did Sakaguchi say anything about older directors' influences on his film
> "Ao no to"?  Your comments brought to mind Shimizu Hiroshi who also used
> amateurs, including war orphans, in his films about children.  Even the
> title is evocative of Shimizu's 1944? "Mikaeri no tou" and his 1948 film
> "Hachi no suu no kodomotachi" (and the 1950 sequel) which apparently
> made quite an impact on other filmmakers in the immediate post-surrender
> years (perhaps Markus can elaborate on that?).

The most famous examples are probably Hani Susumu's Bad Boys and Nanami
First Love. Famous because the technique was paired with his contributions
to debates over documentary and fictiveness that were going on in various
organizations and journals at the time.


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