My Own Breathing attack

Abe' Mark Nornes amnornes
Wed Nov 15 11:01:11 EST 2000

According to discussions on the newsgroup for video activism run by
Tsuchiya Yutaka, there have been a barrage of threats against the Okuyama
Film Festival for showing Byun Young-ju's My Own Breathing, the third part
of her trilogy on comfort women. (People on KineJapan might remember
discussions about right wing attacks on Pandora and Higashi Nakano Box when
her earlier film was shown.) Pandora is thinking about ways to respond.

Tsuchiya replied to these reports by writing, "Did you find out who these
right wingers are? If they show up at screenings, get their names and send
them to _New God_!" 

By the way, Tsuchiya is speaking with Kitakoji Takashi (who is writing a
book on Ogawa Pro) at Box Higashi Nakano for the special series they are
doing on Fukuda Katsuhiko and Sanrizuka.  There's also a catalog, for which
I contributed an article on Fukuda's _Filmmaking and the Way to the
Village_ (a fascinating making-of documentary about/by Ogawa Pro during the
production of Heta Village). 


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