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Call for Papers
Asian Studies Conference Japan
June 23-24, 2001

Proposals are invited for panels, roundtables and individual papers to be
presented at the fifth Asian Studies Conference Japan.  The conference
will be held at the Ichigaya Campus of Sophia University, Tokyo, on June
23-24, 2001.

Details of the conference and guidelines for proposals can be found on the
ASCJ website:

The deadline for proposals is December 1, 1999.

Please note that in general the Executive Committee prefers panels or
roundtables over individual papers. If you need help in locating
co-panelists, send a preliminary description of your proposed panel to
ascj at max.icu.ac.jp.  We will post the description on the ASCJ website. If
you are looking for a panel to join, see the website for current
postings and follow the contact instructions.

For further inquiries, write to ASCJ at ascj at max.icu.ac.jp or contact
individual Executive Committee members at the email addresses listed on 
ASCJ website.

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