Wakamatsu raid

Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow
Wed Nov 22 04:02:51 EST 2000

After Shigenobu Fusako, the leader of the Japanese Red Army, was arrested 
in her hiding place in Osaka last week (all had believed she was still 
hiding in the Middle East), the police have undertaken a forceful 
investigation of not only who might have supported her in Japan, but also 
of any activities to create a new revolutionary party.

To return this to the film world, it seems that the police raided over 40 
Red Army "sympathizers" on Monday, including Wakamatsu Productions, the 
office of the film director Wakamatsu Koji.  Wakamatsu, of course, had 
long teamed with Adachi Masao, a scriptwriter/director turned Red Army 
member, and had filmed with him a documentary on the Red Army that 
featured Shigenobu.  Adachi is now on trial in Japan.

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