Media History 10 (E+J)

Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow
Wed Nov 22 04:03:15 EST 2000

Media History (ISSN 1343-8107), the journal of the Media-shi Kenkyukai, 
has come out with a special issue on film in media history.  The contents 
(which are all in Japanese) are as follows:

Media History #10

Gonda Yasunosuke and the Film Civilization of Spectators (Aaron Gerow)

Enactment of Japan's First National Censorship Code on Motion Pictures: 
It's Policy and Conception (Makino Mamoru)

Film Control Since the Enforcement of the Film Law: A Study on the New 
Order of the Film Industry (Kato Atsuko)

Film Theory of Nakai Masakazu (Goto Yoshihiro)

A Review of GHQ Documents: "Pictorial Section Daily Reports," PPB, CIS 
(Tanikawa Takeshi)

The journal is published by Yumani Shobo and available for 2400 yen from 
some of the major bookstores.

Aaron Gerow
Yokohama National University






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