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Jasper Sharp jasper_sharp at
Mon Apr 23 04:35:19 EDT 2001

Ohayo gozaimasu,

I have a slight request to put out on KineJapan, and I hope someone can help 
me out here because I'm not sure where else to turn, so any pointers would 
be greatly appreciated.
I'm planning to write a series of pieces for Midnight Eye on important 
Japanese directors of the 60s and especially the New Wave, and am rather 
scuppered by the lack of ability of a lot of the titles, even in the usually 
exemplary video shops of Amsterdam.
Imamura and Oshima are fairly easy to get hold of, but am having particular 
trouble when it comes to a director called Susumu Hani, a name quoted often 
and yet it seems  virtually impossible to find any of his work. I've read a 
lot about films such as BWANA TOSHI, BRIDE OF THE ANDES and THE INFERNO OF 
FIRST LOVE, and I've seen a lot of tantalising stills. Now all I have to do 
is watch the films!
Does anyone know if any of these received any sort of video release either 
in Europe or the US? If anyone can help me track down any of the work, I 
would be most grateful.English, French or Dutch substitles are all fine.
I hope someone can be of assistance,
Thanks a lot,
Jasper Sharp
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