Filming in Japan

Aaron Gerow gerow
Sun Apr 22 22:07:57 EDT 2001

I would add that there are some other foundations that can fund 
documentary, but depending on the topic and who is involved.  Barbara 
Hammer's DEVOTION got money from the Japan Foundation and the Tokyo 
Women's Foundation, but the latter because: 1) it was on a topic related 
to women; 2) women were included among the filmmakers; 3) there were 
Japanese living in Tokyo among the filmmakers.

Some other documentaries have been getting money from the Nippon 
Foundation, but that is always a place that requires some soul searching. 
 There are arguments for and against the place, but the negative 
arguments, which stress that the money comes from gambling and the 
Foundation itself was founded by Sasakawa Ryuichi (for all intents and 
purposes a war criminal), have led many institutions to refuse their 

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