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Wed Apr 25 06:39:55 EDT 2001

I'm sure Mark Schilling is far to modest to mention this himself, but his 
CONTEMPORARY JAPANESE CINEMA is a very complete, readable and interesting 
guide to all Japanese films released in the 90s, and is pretty much 
invaluable for modern stuff, even though lot of the films have never been 
released outside of Japan.
For general background, there's a great French writer called Max Tessier who 
covers a lot of ground not covered in English language sources. Actually, 
from my own reserch I've discovered that there's almost more stuff out there 
in French than in English.
Anyway, I think we successfully came to the conclusion last week that 
Weisser's 'Essential Encyclopdeia' series are neither Essential nor 
Encyclopedic. Avoid.
And there's a certain website...


Jasper Sharp

Midnight Eye: Cult Japan Cinema

>Can anyone give me the essential books about japanese cinema that should be
>in one's private library (apart from Donald Richie's)?
>Thank you.

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