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Tadao Press' BEAT TAKESHI KITANO is a decent collection of interviews, 
essays and reviews on its subject, published in England by RM Press in 1999. 
It was also translated into French.

Then there is Creation Books' somewhat notorious EROS IN HELL (1998, edited 
by Jack Hunter), which focuses mainly on exploitation, pinku, horror and 
such. The stills used in the book will probably put a lot of people off 
buying this one (but then again, maybe they will do the opposite), but in 
fact the text generally is quite informative and well-researched.

A highly enjoyable read is Pete Tombs' MONDO MACABRO, a guide to weird and 
wonderful cinema from around the world (I think I'm actually quoting the tag 
line now) which has three chapters on Japan in addition to Hong Kong, 
Indonesia, Turkey, Argentina and other undiscovered territories. Tombs knows 
his classics, though most of the films mentioned in the Japanese section 
might already be familiar to Kinejapan members.

Here's hoping there will one day be a translation of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's 
book. Better start learning kanji...

Tom Mes
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