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Mon Apr 30 16:14:33 EDT 2001

Hello, my name is Jeff Reichert and I am a recent (fairly) Brown University
graduate now living and working in film acquisitions and distribution in New
York.  I've had an interest in Japanese film and culture since high school
(at least), and this list looked like a good way to "keep up" so to speak
outside of an academic institution.  I'm posting now as I find myself in the
position of working on the theatrical release of what I think is a terrific
film from Japan, Aoyama Shinji's EUREKA.

EUREKA has already been released in Japan, and France as well, and my
company (Shooting Gallery) is taking a chance on putting a 217-minute B&W
foreign film into U.S. theatres.  If you don't know Aoyama's work, his films
have played at festivals worldwide and I believe EUREKA is his 8th narrative
feature in about that many years; the only thus far to see distribution in
the U.S.  I've only seen two of his earlier films: HELPLESS and CHINPIRA,
which I liked, but seemed (in retrospect) to be only paving the groundwork
for this film which seems a masterpiece.  Those who know his other films
better, feel free to offer contradiction.

I'm posting as I'm wondering if any on the list know of any resources my
company should be contacting with news about the release: Japanese
organizations, cinephile e-mail lists, or anything really.  We're a rather
small company so we rely on these types of methods to get the word about our
films to people who would be most interested.  We open the film May 4th in
the following cities: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit,
D.C., Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York, San Francisco,
Seattle, and Tucson.

I apologize for being all "business" on my first post, but we're all really
passionate about this film, and want to see if we can make a film this
difficult (at least in appearance) work here in the States.

Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Reichert

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