Watcher in the Attic

Jasper Sharp jasper_sharp
Fri Apr 20 09:27:57 EDT 2001

You Parisien's are so lucky!
The film you mentioned, is available on DVD in the UK under the WATCHER IN 
THE ATTIC title from Pagan. I haven't seen this title, but I've heard it is 
the masterpiece of director Noboru, who also gave the world A WOMAN CALLED 
ABE SADA, a more accessible and simplistic telling of the same source 
material of EMPIRE OF THE SENSES, pre-dating Oshima's version by a year. I'd 
love to go and watch this on a big screen, but I guess I'll have to make do 
with the Hammer season in Amsterdam instead!

Jasper Sharp

Midnight Eye: Cult Japan Cinema

>For KJ subscriber being in Paris this april/may, le Jeu de Peaume is
>currently showing japanese cinema movies (2 themes : erotic/pink and the 
>generation of japanese director).

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