Wagahai wa neko de aru (I Am a Cat)

Jim Beaver jumblejim
Fri Apr 20 19:27:27 EDT 2001

I am forwarding the following message to the list in hopes that someone can
help.  I was not able to do so.  His email address is included.

Jim Beaver

> My name is Ronald Conway My Grandfather was Harold Conway he did some
> Acting in Japan.
> I have been trying to find some of the movies that he might have played
> I was told he might have had a part in Watashi wa zenkamono de aru) (I Am
> Cat). I seen your Mini biography you wrote on Tatsuya Nakadai on IMBb web
> sight. I was hoping you might have some information on were I can get a
> hold if it?
> Thank you,
> Ronald
> Ron.Conway at invensys.com

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