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Actually, the video version of NANAMI is complete.  It runs 104 mins,
unlike the 16mm print which is less than 90.

David Desser

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>The version of Nanami (Inferno of First Love) which was most
>frequently distributed non-theatrically in the US (via the
>grey route) was quite badly cut --- at least 20 minutes were
>missing --- much to the its detriment.  The video version
>may be cut as well.
>New Yorker Films distributes A Full Life both theatrically and
>non-theatrically in the US, but has not released that title
>on video.
>Subject: Re: Susumi Hani information
>>She & He, Bad Boys and Nanami are all available from the New York Film Annex
>> (, one of those companies that seems
>>to hav
>> a lot of public domain titles and some others that might have slipped
>> the cracks.  I've seen about a dozen releases from this company
>>(including bit
>> of all three Hani films) and they're certainly watchable but rarely anything
>> more (the image is usually fairly soft and there's sometimes problems
>>with the
>> source print).  I thought Green Horizon (the one with Jimmy Stewart) was
>> available years ago but could be mistaken.

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