Susumi Hani information

Jasper Sharp jasper_sharp
Tue Apr 24 06:32:30 EDT 2001

Thanks very much for all your help everyone. So let me get this straight, 
the version of NANAMI available from the New York Film Annex is the complete 
one? (actually, they do mention on their website that this runs 104 mins, so 
I guess I already have the answer to this question!)
And is it therefore true that the only releases from a director who is cited 
as one of the most important figures of the New Wave outside of Japan are a 
pair of greymarket dupes from the US? (The closest I've got to seeing one of 
his films up until now was a finding a reference to a screening of BRIDE 
FROM THE ANDES and BWANA TOSHI in Orleans in France in 1991!)
Ah well, if life wasn't such a challenge it wouldn't be fun, would it?


Midnight Eye: Cult Japan Cinema

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