Tokyo Story VCD Mystery

Michael Kerpan kerpan
Wed Apr 25 22:22:14 EDT 2001

I recently got a Hong Kong VCD set of Ozu's Tokyo Story (emanating from Shu 
Kei's Creative Workshop -- with Chinese and English subtitles).   The visual 
quality of at least nine-tenths of this release seems dramatically better 
than the New Yorker video release, there seems to be a bit of a relapse right 
at the end.  The sound also is (generally) noticeably better.  To all 
appearances, it would seem that there has been some digital restoration.  
Could this possibly be based on the University of Tokyo restoration?  

My only problem with this release is that it showed me how horrible the 
overscan on my television is.  The scrawny but serviceable English subtitles 
are well placed when I look at this on my computer, but often fall off the 
bottom of my TV screen. (sigh)

Michael Kerpan
Boston, MA

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