Hara Kazuo in English

Karen Riley chimaykaren
Sun Apr 29 06:28:35 EDT 2001

I just joined the list and I'm looking forward to
participating and to helping in any way I can. I live
in Japan, and if there is anything I can do to help
anybody by virtue of my being based here, I'm more
than happy to do whatever I can.  

I teach a class of foreign exchange students at Meiji
Gakuin University in Yokohama; the class this semester
deals with wartime propaganda and images. I'm hoping
to show Hara Kazuo's "Yuki Yuki te Shingun," but I
really need it with English subtitles because my
students are foreigners with limited Japanese skills.
I can get the film in VHS in Japanese from my local
video store, but I'd prefer to show it with English
subtitles. Does anybody know where I can get it in
English? I'm perfectly willing to purchase it. I've
heard nothing but how hard it is to find in English...
I've had an impossible time trying to contact the
distributor; my phone messages go unreturned...Any
ideas? I'd be so very appreciative.

Karen Riley

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