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Karen Riley chimaykaren at
Sat Aug 11 16:07:19 EDT 2001

Dear KineJapan List,

I wonder if anybody knows how to locate any of the
following films. (I suspect these are all next-to
impossible-to-find old gems...) I'm interested in
using them for a class I teach.

Kamei Fumio’s:
<Tatakau Heitai
Kobayashi Issa
Shinajihen Kouhou Kiroku Shanghai>
Dawn of Freedom (Abe Yutaka & Geraldo de Leon, 1943)
Nippon Banzai
Defend Manchuria (Mamore Manshu 1932) made by Mainichi
and the Army
Crisis-Time Japan (Hijoji Nippon 1933) (given that it
was used as “evidence” at the Tokyo Trials, shouldn’t
it be around somewhere…?
Malayan War Record (Maraya Senki, 1942)
The Story of Tank Commander Nishizumi (made in 1940)
5 Scouts (made in 1939)

Thanks so much,
Karen Riley
chimaykaren at

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