Hiroki Ryuichi data wanted 2

Miles Wood diabolik
Fri Aug 3 16:58:20 EDT 2001

Many thanks to Stephen and Roland for the filmographies. If anyone is able to
add video info for any of these that would help me track some of them down
(especially any of his AV's and of course his Nikkatsu RomanPorno's of which I
only have the "Za Sekkan" films, "Sensei, watashi no karada ni hi o tsukenai de"
and "SM kyoshitsu: Shikkin") when I'm in Tokyo next week.  Please feel free to
e-mail me rather than the list if you feel it's info that's not going to be of
general interest.

> Hiroki also directed several S/M-films for the Nikkatsu Roman X Series under
> the pseudonym Ijuin Go. Since the pseudonym Ijuin Go was also used by other
> directors (like Ishikawa Hitoshi) it is not clear which of the films were
> made by Hiroki.

Hiroki informed me he was responsible for "Za Sekkan" - his name is on the video
boxes for the conceptually different follow-up's though he didn't actually
"direct' them. "Ikenie" and "Ikenie 2" were not directed by Hiroki.



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