Hiroki Ryuichi data wanted

pierre gedalge pgedalge
Tue Aug 21 13:11:13 EDT 2001

I would like to give my website adress:
This site is built on a database about japanes movies (of course!). Up to now 
about 700 movies are listed with some datas (director, year, a brief summary, 
the type, and I am adding director of photography, music, producer...). All 
types of movies are listed (from 1898 to 2001) and searches by director, year, 
title and keywords are possible. The database is in French (but among these 
datas there are the japanese title and lots of japanese proper nouns, so...) 
but the explanations are available in english. There is also some articles that 
I wrote (in French, and I'm still working on them) especially about the 
eroticism in the japanese cinema and litterature.
I don't know if this site will be useful to someone but it does exist...
Maybe I will see some people from kinejapan in Paris for "l'?trange festival" 
where movies by ishii, fukasaku and miike will be shown.

            Pierre Gedalge

http://pgedalge.phidji.com/  the searchable database on japanese movies

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