Hiroki Ryuichi data wanted

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Fri Aug 3 08:30:04 EDT 2001

Hi Miles,

FETISH is about to open in Japan; sometime in August or early September.  I
haven't checked the kanji yet.  That's the English title on the poster.

It's quite common for pink films to have two different titles: one for
theatrical, one for video.  They're different markets so different hooks
work.  I'm sure Roland can give more definitive answers.

The Takita Yojiro title sounds like his feature debut, LECHEROUS WOMAN
TEACHER (Chikan onna kyôshi) from 1981.

If any errors in below, do let me know either privately or on the list.



HIROKI Ryuichi filmography [incomplete]

2000 Tokyo Trash Baby (Tôkyô gomi onna)
2000 I am an SM Writer (Futei no kisetsu)
1999 Night Without an Angel (Tenshi ni misuterareta yoru)
1996 Midori (Midori)
1995 (Grand ga tokeru hodo koishitai)
1995 (Kimi to itsumade mo)
1994 Muma (Muma)
1994 800 Two Lap Runners (Happyaku Two Lap Runners)
1993 Sadistic City (Ma-ô gai)
1991 Gigolo (Gigolo: Urbanite Story)
1990 Love of Sawako (Sawako no koi: Jôzu na uso no ren'ai kôza)
1989 (Dôtei monogatari 4: Boku mo ski ni tsuretette)
1988 (Kikuchi Eri)
1987 (Kobayashi Hitomi no honshô)
1986 (Hatsujô musume: Guriguri asobi)
1986 (SM kyoshitsu: Shikkin)
1986 (Kindan: Ikenie no onna)
1986 (Hakui chôkyô)
1985 (Yarinko Chie)
1984 (Mitsu ni nureru onna)
1984 (Sensei, watashi no karada ni hi o tsukenai de)
1984 (Chikan to skirt)
1984 (Nozokibeya no onna)
1983 (Bokura no kisetsu)
1983 (Bokura no jidai)
1982 Urban Style (Seigyaku! Onna o abaku)

Note: Incomplete.  Hiroki has directed at least 32 films.  Note I've
"corrected" katakana (such as "Chikan to skirt") which in retrospect was
perhaps not standard practise.  All macrons are marked.  If you have any
problems reading above because of the macrons (perhaps because your browser
thinks I'm trying to write kanji), I can strip them for you.  Films like
"Hakui chôkyô" which were released in January should perhaps have their
dates brought back a year to represent copyright date.  I haven't checked
the print.  And although I AM AN SM WRITER wasn't commercially released
until September 2000, it is copyrighted 1999.  If you use the credits in
print/web, I'd appreciate an allusive "AFL" credit.

>From: Miles Wood <diabolik at netvigator.com>
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>Subject: Hiroki Ryuichi data wanted
>Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2001 18:12:13 +0800

>Can anyone provide a complete (or near complete...I'm guessing all of
>his AV's might be difficult to pinpoint, plus he's also worked under at
>least one pseudonym) filmography for Hiroki Ryuichi, along with titles
>translated into English and/or official export titles where applicable,
>plus video/ld catalogue labels and cat. #'s where known. I know it's a
>bit request and indeed any info anyone has to offer would be
>Hiroku started off with a script that was filmed by Takita Yojira; it's
>one of the Chikan Densha series...does anyone know which one?
>I believe his first film as director was called "Seigyaku" which in at
>least one confused English-language source is identifid as both the same
>film and an entirely different film as his deliberately controversial
>S&M documentary "The Sekkan." I'm not sure how the same film can have 2
>different titles but...
>And while we're on the subject, has "Fetish" played in Japan yet?
>Thanks in advance.

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