Hiroki Ryuichi data wanted

Miles Wood diabolik
Fri Aug 3 06:12:13 EDT 2001


Can anyone provide a complete (or near complete...I'm guessing all of
his AV's might be difficult to pinpoint, plus he's also worked under at
least one pseudonym) filmography for Hiroki Ryuichi, along with titles
translated into English and/or official export titles where applicable,
plus video/ld catalogue labels and cat. #'s where known. I know it's a
bit request and indeed any info anyone has to offer would be

Hiroku started off with a script that was filmed by Takita Yojira; it's
one of the Chikan Densha series...does anyone know which one?

I believe his first film as director was called "Seigyaku" which in at
least one confused English-language source is identifid as both the same
film and an entirely different film as his deliberately controversial
S&M documentary "The Sekkan." I'm not sure how the same film can have 2
different titles but...

And while we're on the subject, has "Fetish" played in Japan yet?

Thanks in advance.


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