Some news (Japanese remake of Korean films)

Julien Seveon js97
Thu Aug 2 22:32:00 EDT 2001

I've read the script a few weeks ago and Miike follow the basic lines of the 
original Quiet Family movie. However, as you've point it out, there are 
singing and dancing scenes that are definitly new. But on the whole both 
movies follow pretty much the same road (some death are different, some 
characters are inexistent in the Korean film...) At least on paper, who 
knows what Miike has really done on set ?!

Julien Seveon

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>Actually, the musical "Katakurike no shiawase", one of the new Miike 
>films of this year (shot in April in the Shochiku Studio's in Kyoto, as Tom
>Mes already reported), is a remake of the Korean film "The Quiet Family"
>(Kim Ji-woon, 1998). It is produced by SEDIC International. Considering
>Miike's reputation we may of course wonder whether the term 'remake' will
>still be appropriate. The Korean original is not a musical for one thing.
>Luk Van Haute
> > 1. It was announced that the Korean film, Remember Me, will be remade in
> > Japan under the title Toki no kaori.  Yamakawa Naoto will direct and
> > Fukiishi Kazue will star.  A group led by Kadokawa Shoten bought the
> > rights to the film which finished 4th at the box office in Korea last
> > year.  There are many cases of Japanese films being remade in Korea, but
> > this may be one of the first of the reverse happening.
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