Self introduction + Imamura book

Najib El-Khash elkhash
Sat Aug 25 00:37:30 EDT 2001

My name is Najib El-Khash, a Syrian journalist and film student living in 
Japan. I joined the Kine Japan mailing list recently, please allow me to 
introduce myself.
I am a Ph.D. student in film studies at the Graduate School of International 
Languages of Cultures, Nagoya University, Japan. I'm very interested in the 
Japanese Nouvelle Vague, especially the work of director Imamura Shohei but 
also in Hani Susumu and the others. Other than that, I report to several 
Arab TVs and newspapers from Japan and am working on activating cinematic 
excahnge between Japan and the Arab countries. For those of you who could 
make it (probably none?), I am organizing a Japanese film event within the 
12th Damascus International Film Festival (November 3-11). around 20 
Japanese films would be shown, and several Japanese film people are going to 
attend. I will give details on who and what will be there soon, but 
meanwhile I'm sending a couple of pictures of Damascus to seduce you :-)
I have a book on Imamura Shohei that is not mentioned in the booklist of 
Kine Japan. The book is innovatively called "Shohei Imamura", and is edited 
by James Quandt and published in 1997 by the Toronto Film Festival Group. I 
hope that is of help to somebody.

?d?q???[???F?@elkhash at

Najib El-Khash
Wakoso 102, Irifune 4-4,
Ichikawa-shi, Chiba-ken,
JAPAN 272-0134
Home Tel/Fax: +81-47-300-4001
Mobile Phone: +81-90-9235-3720
E-mail:  elkhash at

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