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Sven Koerber svenkoerber
Wed Aug 1 13:47:57 EDT 2001

Dear KineJapaners !

My name is Sven Koerber, student of the Japanese
Studies in Munich, Germany.

In 2,5 months I have got the chance to hold a seminar about 
Japanese Film at the University.
Since this will be my first seminar to make, I am
asking the "professionals" in holding lectures about film
here on the KineJapan-list:

The seminar will be for students of the Japanese Studies
who have no experience in the film fields.

I will be in Tokyo from tomorrow on until the 15th of October,
so if anybody knows about places where You can find cheap
videos ( classics like Mizoguchi, but new ones like Miike Takashi
as well ), information centers ( Tokyo Film Center ? ), or just
professors ( or people who know the film-science ) who will be 
in the Tokyo-area in this time andtheir office hours,
 anything would help.

I am also looking for books about film studies, written
in English or German, which give an good overview about 
film studies in general, but are easy to understand for amateurs
in this field.

Also tips about avoiding mistakes to do in creating such a seminar
are wellcome.

( If You write an answer to this questions, could You please send a copy of that
to the following adress, which I can see in Tokyo:

popular-japan at

Thank You for all, 

Sven Koerber.

P.S: There will also be a showing of Japanese films discussed in the seminar
every week in the rooms of the university ( on a quite big beamer ).
Anybody who is in reach of the Munich university and wants to come,
please write a message to me, I will send You the dates of the screenings
( entrance is free ).
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