KINEJAPAN digest 615 (Ozu silent's soundtrack)

Jonah Horwitz amateurist at
Mon Dec 10 11:47:33 EST 2001

>It has an "amazing" soundtrack composed of chunks of Franck, Schubert and 

Why the scare quotes . . . ?

I typically hate it when classical music is used as the soundtrack on a 
silent video release.  A few Fritz Lang serials on video (before recent 
restorations) were done with rather oblivious and inappropriate Bach 
accompaniment, with rests in the music falling in the middle of scenes, etc.

Facets has pretty high quality control, though, so I wonder if they've done 
a better job than most in this regard.

Would there have been a live "soundtrack" performed alongside the film in 
its original exhibition (apart from the benshi)?  What might it have sounded 


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