Facet Release of Ozu's tokyo no Onna

Mark Nornes amnornes at umich.edu
Wed Dec 12 09:41:45 EST 2001

On Sunday, December 9, 2001, at 02:31  PM, Michael E Kerpan Jr wrote:

>  except for a few places where highlights are very overexposed -- e.g. 
> faces become white blurs.

The print I saw was also contrasty, but it sounded far worse than the 
tape as far as general condition goes.

This is an important release, if only because in the history of Ozu 
criticism it's a key film for both Burch and Bordwell.

We tried to buy that Ozu LD collection on Ebay, but someone snuck up on 
us in the last 7 seconds and snatched it from us. Was that one of my 
KineJapan friends?!?!?

Anyone over in Japan see one of those sets, let me know.


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