Facet Release of Ozu's tokyo no Onna

Michael E Kerpan Jr kerpan
Wed Dec 12 18:56:47 EST 2001

Mark Nornes wrote:

> The print I saw was also contrasty, but it sounded far worse than the 
> tape as far as general condition goes. 

The video quality is nothing like the beautiful DVD of Lubitsch's 
Marriage Circle  -- but I've seen much worse.

> This is an important release, if only because in the history of Ozu 
> criticism it's a key film for both Burch and Bordwell. 

Yes, I feel like I ought to watch this with materials in hand to see 
"who is right".   ;~}  But then, I wouldn't get to enjoy the film much.

> We tried to buy that Ozu LD collection on Ebay, but someone snuck up 
> on us in the last 7 seconds and snatched it from us. Was that one of 
> my KineJapan friends?!?!? 

Not me -- I don't have a Laser disc player. Ebay is like that (but so 
are in-the-flesh auctions).

Has anyone ever compared the quality of the LD releases to the 
corresponding Shochiku video releases?
(Subtest -- am  I going to have to break down and start acquiring my 
missing pieces from Shochiku in VHS format?)

Michael Kerpan
Boston, MA

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