Looking for material about Kurosawa Kiyoshi

Don Brown the8thsamurai at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 19 21:49:58 EST 2001

>Don, please spend the end of your days translating Japanese language
>film articles for your website.  And watch out for the lawyers from 
>for use of their logo.  For your Kurosawa Kiyoshi filmography, he 
>played the librarian in Nagasaki Shun'ichi's THE ENCHANTMENT and 
>in Sasaki Hirohisa's new film, CHI O SU UCHU.

Thanks for the encouragement Stephen.  Time permitting, I plan to do just 
I'll add those acting credits too.  I've yet to update the filmography in 
accordance with the one in his book, "Eiga ga Osoroshii", but that's on my 
to do list.
There seems to be (comparatively) a lot of material on Kurosawa, whereas 
Ishii's work remains largely untouched.  There were one or two books 
written on him at the beginning of the eighties which are out-of-print and 
seemingly impossible to find.  If anyone can steer me in the direction of 
more Japanese language material regarding either of these directors, please 
let me know.
Don Brown

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