Looking for material about Kurosawa Kiyoshi

Giacomo Calorio karisuma
Thu Dec 20 03:19:23 EST 2001

Thanks to everybody replied to my email, you've been really very kind
to me; I'm sure that all the informations you gave to me will be very

Thanks again

Giacomo Calorio

P.S.: I remember that some times ago someone (maybe Aaron Gerow),
talked about a cd-rom which contained an interview to Kurosawa. Could
you tell me where I can find it, please? thanks!

>>I'm beginning my graduation thesis about Kurosawa Kiyoshi and I'm
>>looking for materials about him, it doesn't matter if in Japanese,
>>English, Italian or French (maybe also in Spanish it could be

DB> Personal plug warning: I'm building a section in my homepage on Kurosawa 
DB> Kiyoshi and Ishii Sogo, and have so far put up filmographies and a 
DB> selection of magazine articles, including the hard-to-find Asahi Graph 
DB> feature on Kurosawa.  It's all in Japanese so far, but an English 
DB> translation is in the works.  Feel free to take a look.
DB> http://www.geocities.com/the8thsamurai/cinema.htm

DB> Don Brown
DB> http://www.geocities.com/the8thsamurai

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