Delorese Harrington dharring
Fri Dec 14 11:39:26 EST 2001

I did a thesis paper on Miyazaki as an Auteur.  I used Truffaut's idea
that certain directors were labelled auteurs because of distinctive
themes that could be detected running throughout the body of their work.
 There is a definate theme running though all of Miyazaki's works.  We
even see a repetition of the main character through many of his films
just as we see in Hitchcocks work.  

I written several thesis works on Anime and would love to discuss this
with you.  I only wish my Ph.D. work would allow me to do a similar
dissertation.  In any case I have a lot of materials and sources if you
need them.

Kay Harrington
Professor of Communication
U. of Central Florida

>>> dionisio at 12/14/01 11:18AM >>>
Greetings to Everyone!
	I am a second year doctoral student in the Asian and Middle
Studies Department at the University of Pennsylvania. Although a long
time fan of Japanese film, only recently have I made it my primary
academic interest:focusing on animation both in Japan and the U.S.
Recently, I have been doing research on the various works of Miyazaki
Hayao, especially Mononokehime. Although I am still about a year and a
half away from finishing my coursework and taking my comprehensive
exams, I have been trying to picture my dissertation. Currently, it
something like this: Miyazaki Hayao has been frequently called the
Disney of Japan. I suggest that the parallel is not correct as both
Miyazaki's and Disney's philosophy toward animation--film in general,
are entirely different.Using concepts such as Umberto Eco's
Hyperrealism, semiotics, and structural linguistics I will show how
a comparison does not hold water. Animation studies, is my primary
of interest, but I am also a big Itami Juzo and Beat Takeshi fan. I
forward to our discussions!

Max Dionisio

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